Smart Accountant

Accounting is an important and necessary option in any industry nowadays and it is becoming a field of smart and young professionals. Be one of them through this Smart Accountant Course. This course covers the Manual Accounting concepts and all the computerized Financial Accounting Softwares used nowadays in the market.

The total course duration is 3 Months with students paying AED 3000 in total while only AED 1000 per module.


Manual Accounting

 • Introduction to Accounting
 • Basic Accounting Concepts
 • Types of Accounts
 • Recording Transactions
 • Classifying Transactions
 • Summarizing Transactions
 • Financial Statements
 • Adjusting & Closing Entries
 • Financial Statements

Module Fees - 1,000.00 AED
Duration - 20 hours

Peachtree Accounting

 • Features of Peachtree Accounting
 • Overview of Companies in Peachtree
 • Chart of Accounts & Beginning Balances
 • General Journal Entries & Reports
 • Inventory and Purchases of Peachtree
 • Sales Modules and Receivables Reports
 • Bank Reconciliation and Check Voiding
 • Payroll with Payroll Taxes and Job Costing
 • Bank Reconciliation and Check Voiding

Module Fees - 1,000.00 AED
Duration - 20 hours

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