Anna Gurgacz is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Fashion Design degree here at Preston University-Ajman. She has considerable work experience as a book illustrator for London (UK) author Dr. Rajlakshmi Darabari.

Anna recently launched her own label using her surname of E.G.O. Gurgazio, which means self-oriented or self-concerned. She aims to design clothes that represent western styling with a touch of Arabian opulence.

Her label has an exclusive, elegant, and timeless style that is certainly tasteful and incorporates many of the lavish Middle Eastern details, including surface ornamentation. The clothes she designs are for confident and “classy” people--they can be worn for business purposes, elegant dinners, or even informal after-hours parties.

European designer Anna Gurgacz presented audiences with a blend of lavish Arabian designs and simple European fashion. Inspired by the fuchsia flower, the outfits came in multiple hues of pink. Tiered-sleeves were accompanied by stiff hip attachments and belts with intricate knit work. The outfits utilized stretch fabric, satin, and crepe. Chiffon sashes were draped around the outfits giving them an additional soft touch.

Brand: E.G.O. Gurgazio

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