Course Outline for Master of Science in Information Technology

Core Courses - 30 Credit Hours

CS 5180 Business Information Systems Management - 3 credit hours
An overview of Business Information Systems. Students examine major types of system applications within organizations including enterprise and supply chain management, customer relationship management, knowledge management, information systems, and business strategies. The internet, new information technology infrastructure, and managing knowledge for digital firms are also included.

CS 5140 Computer Networks - 3 credit hours
Data communications fundamentals and computer networking methods using a modified TCP/IP reference model to organize the study. Attention is focused on the protocols of the physical, data link control, network, and transport layers for local and wide-area networks. Emphasis is given to the Internet Protocol Suite.

CS 5410 Object-Oriented Programming - 3 credit hours
Incorporation of an easy-to-follow and carefully-developed approach to early classes and objects with comprehensive coverage of C# object-oriented programming fundamentals. Includes case studies which illustrate software engineering and object-oriented design concepts.

CS 5450 Software Engineering for Internet Information Systems - 3 credit hours
Students learn to manage network problems caused by concurrent operations and transactions often found in relational database systems. They master the skills necessary to mold vague and ambiguous specifications into a system design they build and launch in just a few months. The key component of this course is server-based internet application software.

CS 6150 Advanced Computer Architecture - 3 credit hours
A study of parallel architecture, processor interconnections, and performance issues in multiprocessor systems. Specific coverage of parallel and pipelined instruction execution, structures of multiprocessor systems, memory hierarchy and coherency in shared memory systems, arithmetic pipeline, and feasibility designs.

CS 6325 Database Systems - 3 credit hours
A comprehensive introduction to the extremely large field of database systems. Students gain solid grounding in the foundations of database technology along with ideas on how this field is likely to develop in the future.

CS 6480 Advanced Data Communications - 3 credit hours
Design and analysis of data communication systems. Detailed examination of modern communication standards, protocol systems, and their performance. Transmission technology, packet switching, routing, flow control, performance, and cost.

IT 5220 Advanced Website Development - 3 credit hours
Students develop a professional sense of basic website technologies through a series of challenging and entertaining hands-on exercises. They learn the foundations of client-side scripting technology using XHTML, cascading style sheets, JavaScript™, and document object modeling to create web pages in a cross-browser environment. Students conceptualize, code, design, and deliver unique, dynamic, interactive, and user-friendly websites. They also create interactive applications using the Macromedia® Dream Weaver™ MX language-compatible editor for the websites they build.

IT 6000 Mobile Computing - 3 credit hours
This course covers many aspects of mobile and wireless communications from a computer science point-of-view. It discusses the integration of services and applications well-known from fixed networks into networks supporting the mobility of end systems and wireless access.

IT 6085 IT Project Management - 3 credit hours
A course designed to equip students with knowledge and skills they can apply to the concepts of Information Technology Project Management based on standards outlined by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Specialization Courses - Computers and Communication Networking
- 18 Credit Hours

CS 6327 Windows ® Server - 3 credit hours
Familiarizes students with some of the features of Windows ® Server systems and helps them build effective solutions with familiar tools in the categories of security, information technology operations, applications, and collaboration.

CS 6445 Advanced Computer Networks - 3 credit hours
Students examine the various aspects of computer communications and networking including protocols, new network technologies, network and internet connectivity and network troubleshooting.

IT 6621 Network Security - 3 credit hours
Students examine the theories and practices of computer security. The coursework focuses on the security aspects of the internet including a survey of cryptographic tools used to provide security including shared key encryption public key encryption, key exchange, and digital signatures.

Specialization Courses - Database Systems and Technology - 9 Credit Hours

CS 6280 Data Warehousing and SQL Server - 3 credit hours
Students examine the fundamentals of data warehousing systems, new methods for handling unstructured data in a data warehouse, and storing data across multiple storage media. They plan data warehouse projects which include monitoring and testing using a Source Query Language server.

CS 6315 Data Mining - 3 credit hours
An introduction to data mining and its fundamental practices. Students gain a clear understanding of the concepts needed to build a solid background necessary for understanding each data mining technique along with more advanced principles of related algorithms.

CS 6648 Oracle™ Database Administration - 3 credit hours
Students learn effective and efficient administration of an Oracle™ database and how to handle a variety of daily tasks with ease including database setup, user management, backup, restoration, tuning, troubleshooting, and testing. Oracle™ DBA is designed to make database administration tasks easier and more productive.

Information Technology Foundation Courses (required for students with no
IT background) - 15 Credit Hours

CS 2050 Introduction to Operating Systems - 3 credit hours
This course provides an opportunity to learn about operating systems by examining theoretical concepts employed in various operating system components.

CS 2080 Programming I - 3 credit hours
A course designed to introduce the concept of a computer program, its elements, code writing, and data manipulation to produce usable information. An introduction to programming in C++, data types, operators, and expressions plus flow control statements , input/output operations , functions, arrays, and strings.

CS 2130 Introduction to Databases - 3 credit hours
This course is an introduction to relational databases (the dominant database paradigm), covering their design, implementation, and theoretical foundation. The course focuses on particulars of the skills needed to design and implement databases and provides an understanding of database concepts along with the design of various systems which employ databases.

IT 1000 Introduction to Information Technology - 3 credit hours
Introduces students to hardware and software technologies and gives an overview of principles and functions available in state-of-the-art computer and communication devices. The course will cover the information system design and implementation, system analysis, multimedia applications, and an overview of principles and functions of modern computing.

IT 1090 Computer Applications - 3 credit hours
This course provides hands-on training in the use of commercially available software application packages such as Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, Outlook, and internet browsers.

Graduation requirement for all specializations - 3 Credit Hours

IT 6990 Graduate Thesis - - 3 credit hours

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