The Alumni Office initiated a mock interview activity among the Bachelor students of the Business Administration. Prior to the said mock interview activity, the same students of BBA batch 4 and 8 attended the seminar on ”How to Build Confidence during Interviews” conducted by Osman Mohammad Ali and Wasana Priyadarshini Wijekoon, the MBA students specializing in Human Resource Management.

The Alumni who were chosen to be part of the activity are currently working as HR practitioners and in related field from the different private and government sectors. Among the alumni who devoted their time and effort in sharing their knowledge and guidance to the students are: Syed Rahat Ali, Indrani Roy, Taimur Saadat, Ibrahim Fauzi, Abdul Majid, Maher Abu, and Sameera Khalid Al-Hamad.

The mock interview was conducted as part of the students learning experience on how to be confident and competitive after taking up their degree in the university. It was recently held at the university’s gymnasium last May 23, 2010. The feedback of the alumni to our students are commendable that the university’s management especially the Director General Mr Raja Sajjad Hussain supports their suggestion to have the same activity every semester so that the students will be continuously guided of the current trend in recruitment. The same group of alumni also expressed their interest to continue in supporting the university’s activities to show their commitment to their Alma Mater.


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