Course Description for Master of Business Administration

Core Courses

AC 5715 Financial Accounting - 3 credit hours
This course is very beneficial for anyone wishing to further their management studies. The goal is to understand the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) governing the preparation of financial statements and the flexibility that exists within these rules. It also includes: Accounting as an information system, the accounting cycles, accounting for merchandising operations, financial statements in different forms of organizations, inventories, depreciation, current liabilities, and long-term assets.

FA 5440 Managerial Economics - 3 credit hours
Managerial economics focuses on decision-making. By integrating economic theory with a set of mathematical and statistical methods for solving managerial problems, it bridges the gap between economics and business practices.

FA 5625 Financial Management - 3 credit hours
Introduces students to the themes of financial decision-making: Valuation and Risk Management. The course compares the financial objectives of the manger and the investor. Surveys the fundamentals of financial management from the viewpoint of the chief financial officer. Students gain an understanding of the time value of money, current asset management, risk management, financial leverage and analysis, capital budgeting, long term financing, capital markets, and the cost of capital.

MG 5060 Management Communication - 3 credit hours
This course creates an in-depth understanding of the concepts and theories relative to organizational communication and their application to communication issues and problems facing organizations. Class activities, discussions, readings, and assignments are designed to develop the communication skills necessary to enhance individual effectiveness and competency.

MG 5210 Organizational Behavior - 3 credit hours
An examination of organizational behavior from the perspective of the practicing manager. Understanding group and individual behavior as they relate to the organization are explored as critical factors in developing successful communication, motivation, leadership, culture, and a working organizational structure.

MG 5315 Advanced Principles of Management - 3 credit hours
This course provides an overview of the major functions of management. Emphasis is on planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling. Upon completion, students should be able to work as contributing members of a team utilizing these essential functions of management.

MG 6010 Strategic Management - 3 credit hours
The principles and tools needed in the formulation and implementation of an organizational strategic plan are highlighted in this course. Special topics include strategic thinking, industry analysis, competitive analysis, portfolio analysis and the implementation of corporate strategies.

MG 6080 Advanced Human Resource Management - 3 credit hours
A contemporary approach to managing people in organizations. It enables the students to understand the concepts and roles of human resource management and planning within modern organizations.

MG 6900 Graduate Research Methods - 3 credit hours
This course is organized around the research process where students learn how to formulate a research question and define a research hypothesis. Students prepare research design, assess data collection methods, define a sampling frame, determine types of data analyses, interpret data appropriately, and prepare a research report. Topics in both qualitative and quantitative research methods are included.

MK 5421 Advanced Principles of Marketing - 3 credit hours
Advanced study of marketing theories, concepts, and practices plus insights into contemporary marketing applications. Students review fundamental concepts and terms and integrate them into a marketing-focused thought process which enables them to develop a practical marketing plan from inception to implementation.

Specializations - Finance and Accounting

AC 6425 Managerial Accounting - 3 credit hours
A conceptual approach to the role of managerial accounting in an organization. Emphasis is on the use of accounting information for management decision-making. Topics include: Accounting for planning and control purposes, behavioral implications associated with accounting information, budgeting, and the various quantitative techniques available. Includes a look at the possible incentives for management when making choices from within these rules along with the output from this environment. Students also spend some time gaining an understanding of cost behavior and how this knowledge can be useful for various business decisions.

FA 6610 Banking Management - 3 credit hours
This course introduces students to the concepts and practices of internal and external banking operations carried-out by commercial banks. This includes exploring the legislative principles that govern the functioning and operations of the banking system along with the philosophy and justification for banking legislation.

FA 6815 Financial Institutions - 3 credit hours
The functional regulation of bank activities in the areas of securities, insurance, and other financial intermediaries, including examination of the alternative financial service systems, such as check-cashing services, and discusses community development financial institutions and micro-credit as anti-poverty strategies.

Specializations - General Management

MG 6030 Leadership - 3 credit hours
This course focuses on the skill sets needed to elicit high commitment and productivity from people and groups. A significant portion of the course consists of activities designed to enhance student self-awareness. Students explore interpersonal skills needed to motivate key actors in the workplace and to manage group dynamics to create synergy among members. Methods of instruction include individualized feedback, cases, role-plays, and experiential exercises.

MG 6446 Project Management - 3 credit hours
An examination of project identification, selection, and planning. Students develop skills to manage projects using the latest planning, tracking, monitoring, and control techniques. They also use project simulation and decision software on a class project. The main focus of the course is on practical applications of the systems approach to managing projects.

MG 6515 Advanced Total Quality Management - 3 credit hours
In-depth exploration of Total Quality Management (TQM) concepts and practices used in most industries worldwide. Students review the theories and brief case studies with examples from Toyota, Xerox, Ford, Citibank, and others plus offer critiques on the ideas of TQM pioneers which include Deming, Juran, Ishikawa, Taguchi, and Crosby. The focus is on the role of senior management in implementing TQM. This course offers excellent insight to students in marketing, operations management, and those interested in management consulting careers.

Specializations - Human Resource Management

MG 6150 Management of Training - 3 credit hours
A course designed to provide greater understanding of the training process in various business settings and further develop knowledge of how training programs support and enhance the philosophy and goals of a firm. Students examine ways to improve and develop employee skills along with methods and principles used in adult training programs.

MG 6628 Performance Management - 3 credit hours
This course explores areas such as discriminatory behavior, human capital advantage, value systems, and the development of organization culture. Performance management is a key tool for organizational success. Students examine holistic and integrated processes which have implications for a broad range of people management policies.

Specializations - Marketing

MK 6210 Marketing Research - 3 credit hours
Understanding the research process and commonly used tools in marketing research is imperative for a student of marketing. Therefore, this course aims to familiarize the student with commonly used techniques in the collection and analysis of marketing research information.

MK 6630 Sales Management - 3 credit hours
Students examine the elements of an effective sales force as a key component of the total marketing effort in an organization. The course extends student understanding of modern sales approaches, advanced steps in the selling process, territory development, and the sales management planning process. Sales management integrates examples with key concepts and actual industry practices to provide students with a graphic view of the sales manager's position in the industry.

MK 6810 Strategic Marketing - 3 credit hours
This course emphasizes the role of marketing in creating value for customers which, in turn, leads to value for other stakeholders in a firm (e.g., owners, shareholders, and employees). Students explore the steps in strategic marketing planning, global marketing strategies, market segmentation and positioning, and designing a strategic marketing mix using selected planning models and tools.

University Graduation Requirement for All Specializations

MG 6990 Graduate Thesis - 6 credit hours
The graduate thesis applies research outcomes to a business-related topic. Students select a research topic and submit a thesis proposal for approval by their academic department committee. The graduate thesis will contain an overview, literature review, research methodology, presentation and analysis of data, conclusions and recommendations, plus a bibliography.

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