Master of Arts in Islamic Studies

The Master of Arts in Islamic Studies (MAIS) is a program offered Weekend classes to accommodate adult learners as well as individuals who have hectic work schedules in the morning. This program enables students to learn Islamic Studies in a holistic environment with special focus on its applicability to various walks of life.

Students study some Arabic components for enhanced research and analysis of required texts and resources. The components of Business Management courses are aimed at imparting Islamic Studies knowledge in a way that the students contextualize it more and more as well as to apply it in their practical life. The program has special emphasis on Qur’anic studies and sciences. The subject of Research Methods is designed especially for preparing candidates for writing the graduate thesis, which is required for graduation.

      1. MSIT 1/2 year - 36 credit hours
      2. MSIT 2 1/2 years - 78 credit hours
      3. MSIT 3 1/2 years - 102 credit hours

Program Requirements


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