Course Outline for Master of Arts in Islamic Studies

Core Courses - 30 Credit Hours

IS 5010 Advanced Studies of Quranic Sciences - 3 credit hours
This course covers an advanced level study of the Qura’nic Sciences. A critical and detailed study of different branches of Qur’anic Sciences such as broken letters in the beginning of the Surahs, Compilation of Qur'an, Abrogation and Abrogated, Muhkam and Mutashaabih, Gradualism in rulings and its wisdom, stories in the Qura’n, and Mathal in Qur’an etc.. The course aims at providing with an accurate interpretation of Qur'anic text applying relevant methodologies and sciences of Qura’n. A significant part of this course, too, is research.

IS 5020 Hadeeth Sciences - 3 credit hours

IS 5030 Methodology of Islamic Jurisprudence - 3 credit hours

IS 5040 Advanced Arabic Grammar - 3 credit hours
This course refers to the advanced level of Arabic Grammar. It covers a specified portion of Arabic grammar which is crucial for understanding the Arabic language with its different usages and patterns. The course is taught chronologically from easy to difficult to complicated enabling the students to practically understand any Arabic text.

IS 5050 Arabic Language and Literature - 3 credit hours
This course covers some masterpieces of Arabic prose and poetry from pre-Islamic era up to the modern period. The course is designed to enhance the Arabic reading and writing skills of students and to advance their knowledge in the field of Arabic Language and Literature. A student, through this course, can go deeper in understanding the Arabic language specially the Qur'anic text and can appreciate the beauty of this language.

IS 5060 Islamic History - 3 credit hours
This course refers to the thorough study of Islamic History from the dawn of Islam to the fall of Ottoman Empire. It covers all major aspects of the Islamic History comprising social, political and economic as well as the religious conditions of each period. It further deals with the expansion of Islam from the Arabian peninsula to the far east and far west places in different periods, its everlasting achievements gained with especial reference to the glorious period of Islamic history. Students, through this course, can skilfully evaluate the events and problems, they can know the merits and demerits of all periods and they can judge the real causes of rise and fall of any dynasty.

MG 5060 Management Communication - 3 credit hours
This course creates an in-depth understanding of the concepts and theories relative to organizational communication and their application to communication issues and problems facing organizations. Class activities, discussions, readings, and assignments are designed to develop the communication skills necessary to enhance individual effectiveness and competency.

MG 5210 Organizational Behavior - 3 credit hours
An examination of organizational behavior from the perspective of the practicing manager. Understanding group and individual behavior as they relate to the organization are explored as critical factors in developing successful communication, motivation, leadership, culture, and a working organizational structure.

MG 5315 Principles of Management - 3 credit hours
This course provides an overview of the major functions of management. Emphasis is on planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling. Upon completion, students should be able to work as contributing members of a team utilizing these essential functions of management.

MG 6900 Graduate Research Methods - 3 credit hours
This course is organized around the research process where students learn how to formulate a research question and define a research hypothesis. Students prepare research design, assess data collection methods, define a sampling frame, determine types of data analyses, interpret data appropriately, and prepare a research report. Topics in both qualitative and quantitative research methods are included.

Specialization Courses - Quranic Studies - 9 Credit Hours

IS 6020 Analytical Exegesis - 3 credit hours
This course refers to the analytical exegesis of Qura’n. It covers some specified Soorahs comprising both the Makkan and Madinan Soorahs of Qur'an. The course develops and improves the techniques of understanding Qur’an directly from the text. Research based interpretation of those Soorahs is followed in lectures to prepare the students to carry it out themselves for the rest of the Qur’an. The key tasks include looking at the Soorah as a whole, finding out the coherence of verses from the beginning till the end, describing the type and group of verses, and exploring how the end returns to the beginning as a mark of a compete speech. It further explores the rulings and commands especially in Madinan Soorahs with the help of other relevant verses found in different Soorahs leading the students to the accurate and true interpretation of the verses and Soorahs.

IS 6030 Subjective Study of the Holy Quran - 3 credit hours
It is a subject wise study of Qur'an. It deals with the subjects of Qur'an such as Monotheism (Tawheed), Polytheism (Shirk), Hypocrisy (Nifaaq), Taaghoot, Millah, Struggle (Jihaad), War and Peace (al-Harb wa as-Silm), Justice (al-‘Adl), Knowledge (al-‘Ilm), Ignorance (al-Jaahiliyyah), Patience (as-Sabr), Calling ( ad-Da‘wah), Family (al-Usrah), Jinn and Devil (al-Jinn wa ash-Shaitaan) etc. It basically refers to collect all relevant verses under one topic and study them critically to reach the sound and accurate understanding of a specific topic.

IS 6040 Miracles of the Holy Quran - 3 credit hours
This course refers to the study of the miraculous book of Qur'an. It comprises the two major aspects of the miracle i.e. literary and scientific. It further covers different aspects, forms and styles of Arabic literature through which a student can compare how the literature of Qur'an is miraculous. Qur'an has given some miraculous information fifteen hundred years ago about the creation of the universe, sphere and galaxy, solar system, secrets of seas, the biology of human beings etc. These have been scientifically proven.

Specialization Courses - Islamic Banking - 9 Credit Hours

IS 6877 Islamic Economics and Business - 3 credit hours

IS 6878 Islamic Banking and Finance - 3 credit hours

IS 6879 Islamic Banking Operations - 3 credit hours

Graduation requirement for all specializations - 6 Credit Hours

IS 6990 Graduate Thesis - 6 credit hours

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