Preston University Ajman is now affiliated with the International Air transport Association (IATA) in Montreal, Canada. As an Authorized IATA Training Center, Preston conducts two levels of the prestigious IATA and United Federation of Travel Agents' Associations (UFTAA) programs:
  • IATA/UFTAA Foundation Diploma
  • IATA/UFTAA Consultant Diploma

The IATA/UFTAA Training Program was launched in 1972 to meet the growing demand for well-trained staff in the travel Industry and is now available almost all over the world. The IATA/UFTAA diploma has become a hallmark in the travel industry and guarantees excellent standards in training, gaining worldwide recognition and acceptance as a high-quality product. It is an important step to take for anyone wishing to upgrade their professional competence or start a career in the travel industry.

IATA/UFTAA is globally recognized and provides extensive training and knowledge of the travel trade. All airlines and travel agencies affiliated with IATA are required to employ a minimum of two IATA-qualified staff.

Examination Schedule:
IATA exams are conducted twice in a year, during March and September.


Employment Opportunities:

The Travel and Tourism industry offers numerous job opportunities. It is virtually impossible to list and describe all types of jobs available. A broad outline of available career avenues follows :


Career Avenues

 • Airline
 • Cargo, Courier and Logistics Management
 • Currency Exchange Bureaus
 • Travel Agencies
 • Tour Companies
 • Hotels, Motels, and Resorts
 • Cruise Lines
 • Car Rental Agencies
 • Tourism Education and Research
 • Travel Journalism
 • Recreation Tourism
 • Tourist Offices and Information Centers
 • Convention and Meeting Planners
 • Club Management
 • Corporate Travel Departments
 • Trades and Professional Associations
 • Trades and Professional Associations


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