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Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality are among the fastest growing service industries in the world. The World Tourism Organization estimates nearly one in every ten job vacancies within the service sector are filled in these career fields. This figure continues to grow. Travelers these days expect the highest levels of service and accommodation. The delivery of well-organized, focused, and properly structured training enables providers within the industry to meet these expectations.

Preston University-Ajman is an affiliated Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH) learning center.

CTH was established in 1982 to provide training in recognized and accepted standards of management within the Hotel and Travel industries through its syllabi, examinations, and awards. These essential elements of qualification training have been continuously developed and improved to ensure they accurately reflect current best practices used in the industry. This is carried-out under the careful scrutiny and supervision of experts in the fields of the hotel, tourism, and travel industries.

The programs CTH offers through the University are well-respected throughout the hospitality, tourism, and travel industries. This is clearly evidenced by the many accolades and program endorsements it has received from the Hotel and Catering International Management Association, Virgin Atlantic, Star Alliance, and the Guild of Travel Management Companies. Students can be confident in knowing that a CTH qualification is an excellent first step with which to begin a most promising career. Assured placement assistance with airlines, hotels, and travel agencies is offered through this program.

Those who elect to prepare for CTH examinations with Preston-Ajman are offered a structured learning environment which encompasses theoretical and practical aspects of the industry.  It then integrates the various topic contents and subject matter to create a clearly-defined approach for career development opportunities.

Programs consist of 10 course modules which lead to a CTH diploma in the respective specialty area upon completion. Each module is 45 classroom hours in duration. All courses are three credit hours. Students may receive a certificate from the University for each course they complete. The cost for each module is AED 2,000 for a total of AED 15,000.  These fees can be paid in monthly installments with approval from the University.

CTH examinations are conducted three times per year, in January, June, and September.
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