Arabic Language

Arabic Language Courses for Non Native Speakers
Short courses for non-Arabic speakers offered at Preston University-Ajman are intended for expatriate residents of the United Arab Emirates who wish to learn the language for both business and day-to-day use. Focus is on simple classic Arabic spoken with the local dialect and its colloquialisms.
  • Spoken Arabic
    4-levels (5 weeks/level - 1.5hrs twice a week)AED 450/Level
  • Arabic Reading & Writing
    Class Study: AED 1500/month (1.5hrs twice a week) / Exclusive Study: AED 2500/month (1.5hrs twice a week)
  • Arabic Reading & Writing
    250/month AED (3hrs/week, 192 hrs - certificate, 184 hrs - diploma)
Spoken Arabic Courses for Specialized Fields
Business Communication for Arabic
  • Routine Banking Operations
  • Bank Transactions
  • Communicating with Arabic speaking Clients
Medical Communication in Arabic
  • Hospital Departments and Wards
  • Medical Equipment
  • Communicating in Arabic with patients
  • Arabic Medical Terminology Dictionary
Group Training
Preston University-Ajman offers customized Arabic language training programs for companies and their staff members designed to meet specific job requirements.

Contact the University for specific course times.
  • Registration - 50 AED
  • Registration - 400 AED
  • Registration - 25 AED (30 AED without taking course)
  • Registration - 475 AED
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