Alumni Relations Department

The Alumni Relations Department serves the Alumni of Preston University- Ajman and takes care of all the activities related to them. They want all of their students to have a connection with the University. They also strive to serve the alumni with various activities to create an “endless journey” with the University. By publishing the Alumni Newsletter we have taken the first step towards this mission covering the different Alumni of Preston-Ajman and their accomplishments after graduation and beyond.

Keeping track of its graduates is their primary concern interest. Getting to know how Preston- Ajman has made a difference in their lives and how are they are doing in life outside these four walls is another important feature. Its not only through filling-out forms with the Alumni Department – they strive to serve alumni better and in the most convenient manner. Online registration on the website is the easiest means for this process.

With the click of a mouse, any graduate can be part of the Alumni Association There is a short form to fill- out online and the option of adding a passport-size photo. This way members can be in touch not only with Preston University-Ajman but also with classmates and friends too, After registering members can forward suggestions on having a reunion or any other activities that would like to be held at Preston-Ajman.
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